Friday, November 19, 2010

Shout Award 2010

A First-of-its-kind awards shows,
it will give awards to the most deserving artists,
actors and radio and TV personalities,
giving voice to all Malaysian to define the new cool

Stadium Bukit Jalil

featuring IYAZ

my love-able personalities
wish I could have 1 photo with them

p/s: I will be going to Shout Award this Saturday..cant wait!! to whom yang dapat pergi..JUMPA DISANA!!! hahahaha..



efa said...

owh...esok la ni....o0pss...jauh tak leh pi kekeke :)hve fun there ok :)

Fahmi Fauzi said...

ok..will bring a lots of photos!!

efa said...

owh..yea..snap pic more n more hehehe :)